Coca Cola Kids

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Photoshoots don’t have to be complicated. The more shoots we do, the less complicated we feel they need to be (also, we have small children now and we’re tired… so tired) For this photoshoot we came up with the theme of Coca Cola because summer is fun and a Coke just makes it feel like it’s really summer! If you’re … Read More

Working With Kids

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Working with Kids

There’s a lot to working with small children, when you’re taking photos…. or not! These little creatures (especially if they’re your own) want to push the limits and boundaries whenever possible and seem to have a way of knowing exactly what you want… and doing the opposite. When we take photos of kids we have some tips/tricks/black magic we use … Read More

Tyson – Winter Games

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We were in need of some winter promo photos for one of our clients; Allan L Johnson Insurance Services. Some of their past advertising has been using some of of our Children’s Photography photos because they go so well with their philosophy of “Living Your Dream” and “Starting Early on your way to a better future”. So, we approached our … Read More

Raine’s 4th Birthday

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Raine has always been small for her age and has, since she was born, reminded me of a pixie or fairy. We decided to do a fairy photoshoot for her, for her 4th birthday. We scoped out a vacant lot in the middle of town…. I really wish we’d taken some photos of the area to show you! It was … Read More

Ava – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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Leona’s youngest girl Ava has always been an old soul at heart (she’s only 6!). She regularly asks to watch older style films and movies when they have movie nights, so we thought that she’d be a perfect model for an Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffany’s photo shoot. When you see Ava in these pictures, she feels right at … Read More

Jade the Jedi

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Tyler is our second shooter at most of the weddings we shoot and he is also my best friend. I approached him and Florence to see if they’d be interested in doing a photoshoot for their daughter Jade. I had noticed that Jade watched the Star Wars movies with Tyler on a regular basis and even quoted lines from the … Read More

Jayden the Soccer Star

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We like doing things BIG! Why would we want to settle for normal? For his 6th birthday we gave Jayden a photoshoot. I guess you could say that this photoshoot was more ‘technical’ than many of our other photoshoots, so we did some test shots before he arrived. We set up two strobe lights in the middle of a sports … Read More

Jude’s 4th Birthday Photoshoot

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Little boys love trains. We were contracted to do a “Thomas the Tank Engine” 4th birthday photoshoot for Jude. I’ll admit I felt pretty intimidated trying to imagine how I was going to pull off a themed “Thomas” photoshoot without it being super cheesy. I consider myself pretty lucky because the city we live in has a miniature train in … Read More