Jade the Jedi

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Tyler is our second shooter at most of the weddings we shoot and he is also my best friend. I approached him and Florence to see if they’d be interested in doing a photoshoot for their daughter Jade. I had noticed that Jade watched the Star Wars movies with Tyler on a regular basis and even quoted lines from the movies at some very opportune moments. Tyler told me about a time when he and Jade had agreed on a time that she would go get ready for bed, but when the time came Jade said that she was going to stay for an extra 10 minutes. Tyler pointed out that the extra 10 minutes was not part of the deal when they had made the agreement before….but she simply replied, “I’m altering the deal, pray I don’t alter it any further” and simply walked away. Tyler could only reply with, “well played young padawan, well played.”

SO, a Jedi photo shoot for Jade was definitely in order.

Girl with lightsaber, children's cosplay, girl jedi - Children's Photography

We started off in the studio doing a few concept shots that I haven’t quite completed, but I really liked this shot with our home-made light saber.

Jade the Jedi, girl jedi using the force holding a lightsaber - Children's PhotographyWe headed outside to try to do some interesting outdoor shots that I’d be able to add into some composite images. On the way to a location I had scouted, we did this shot of Jade using the force.


Jade the Jedi, Girl Jedi on Tatooine, two moons, composite picture, Star Wars Photoshp - Children's Photography - Composite Image - Tatooine


I’m still learning to do composite images, so this is not 100% what I was going for, but it is pretty cool.
Jade the Jedi, girl Jedi standing on dirt mound in Alderaan - Children's PhotographyThis shot of Jade is one of my favourites from the day.

Jade the Jedi, angry girl Jedi with drawn lightsaber, green lightsaber - Children's Photography


Jade was pretty good at playing the part, but for this shot Tyler ended up scratching Jade’s forehead as he was fixing her hood for this shot and it really brought on her mean face. If you look closely at the large version of this picture, you can see some tears rolling down her face.
Jade the Jedi, Jedi in training, Padawan, girl Jedi in field on Alderaan - Children's Photography

We went out a second day to another location to get some Padawan shots. Jade sure was cute in the grass.
Jade the Jedi, girl Jedi using the force in a grassy field with a lightsaber, children's cosplay - Children's Photography

Jade the Jedi, girl padawan kneeling in a grassy field, female Jedi - Children's Photography

Jade the Jedi, kneeling Jedi, girl padawan - Children's Photography

Jade the Jedi, child Padawan, girl padawan with lightsaber in ancient ruins - Children's Photography

female Jedi with drawn lightsaber, children's cosplay - Children's Photography

Jade the Jedi, girl padawan standing on Endor with lightsaber and a pensive look on her face, female Jedi, kids cosplay - Children's Photography

Jade the Jedi, female Jedi ready to attack on Endor under a dark sky, Star Wars cosplay - Children's PhotographyThis last shot of Jade is probably my favourite. #JadeTheJedi