Tyson – Winter Games

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We were in need of some winter promo photos for one of our clients; Allan L Johnson Insurance Services. Some of their past advertising has been using some of of our Children’s Photography photos because they go so well with their philosophy of “Living Your Dream” and “Starting Early on your way to a better future”. So, we approached our … Read More

Greg and Melissa [Winter Fun]


Greg and Melissa are getting married this summer and I had been itching to get out and take some winter snowshoeing portraits. We got out a little late in the day, so the shots are a little darker than I was planning at first, but I think they really turned out. We had SO MUCH FUN running around in the … Read More

Raven Lake


Tyler and I went for a little hike up to Raven Lake (about 90km east of Prince George). Tyler has been loosing a lot of weight lately and there are two contributing factors to that: 1. he started tracking what he was eating via an iPhone app and 2. he started using a Fitbit to see how many steps he … Read More

Larger Than Life


Sometimes it’s really fun to make a photo that is larger than life. We love to make epic photos. Dramatic, captivating, unconventional photos.