Raven Lake


Tyler and I went for a little hike up to Raven Lake (about 90km east of Prince George). Tyler has been loosing a lot of weight lately and there are two contributing factors to that: 1. he started tracking what he was eating via an iPhone app and 2. he started using a Fitbit to see how many steps he was taking each day (and how restful his sleeps were at night). Knowing those two things allowed him to make changes in his life to be more active and eat better. Tyler is very motivated by numbers so having a Fitbit tell you that you’ve only taken 3000 steps in a day is pretty good motivation to get out there and get your stats up. I’m the same way with stats…they are a good motivation for me.

Anyways, here are a few photos of our hike and a promo shot of Tyler holding a Fitbit.

[Update: Tyler is actually on the Fitbit website right now on their iPhone App page and they wrote a post about Tyler on their blog]

Our hike back down was a little bit colder than we were expecting…..