Coca Cola Kids

andrewChildren's Photography

Photoshoots don’t have to be complicated. The more shoots we do, the less complicated we feel they need to be (also, we have small children now and we’re tired… so tired) For this photoshoot we came up with the theme of Coca Cola because summer is fun and a Coke just makes it feel like it’s really summer! If you’re going to do a photoshoot like this, sometimes it can be easy to “blow out” your whites. This means that the things that are white in your photos will have no information or detail because they’re over exposed. You’ll have to make sure to compensate your exposure to avoid a “blow out”.

This photoshoot was pretty laid back. We had 3 kids under 5 years old and we needed it to be simple to pull something off. Also, with all the Coke consumed the kids were a bit hopped up on sugar so the simplicity helped ‘keep it real’. We did do some posed shots though and for bribes I used my trusty Skittles. Works like a hot damn, but the kids really do get a sugar buzz if you’re not careful.