Andrew & Joelle Johnson

The BIG Picture – a husband and wife team dedicated to teaching parents how to create timeless pictures of their most cherished loved ones; their children.

Andrew Johnson has been capturing memories and making photographs since 2000. He and I (Joelle) met in 2010 and immediately connected, photographing nieces, nephews, and the children of family friends. In 2012, we started giving photoshoots to our nieces and nephews as birthday and Christmas gifts in lieu of toys or ‘things’. After our own children were born we discovered that taking photos of our own children was the most rewarding of all and we began to incorporate photography into everyday life on top of frequent intentional photoshoots.

Andrew has an education degree and a passion for teaching. It seemed to just happen, he began teaching our friends and family how to take better photos of their children. It seemed to us that we could, and maybe should, teach other parents how to do the same.

We believe that photos are extremely valuable in immortalizing your memories of your children. Pictures freeze frame a moment in time so you can revisit it forever; it’s important to make sure you have great photos to look back on when your children are grown and gone.

We want you to have the same quality pictures we have in your home as keepsakes for you, your family, and for your children. We hope you’ll find our courses easily digestible and readily implementable. Whether you buy one course or if you just join our Facebook group our desire is to provide value to you.