Raine’s 4th Birthday

andrewChildren's Photography

Raine has always been small for her age and has, since she was born, reminded me of a pixie or fairy. We decided to do a fairy photoshoot for her, for her 4th birthday. We scoped out a vacant lot in the middle of town…. I really wish we’d taken some photos of the area to show you! It was full of junk; a pair of men’s underwear, empty bottles, a spare tire and a bike skeleton to name a few things that were on location. We had a vision though and wanted to stay close to town.

I couldn’t find anything for her costume. I went to a bunch of stores since Halloween is approaching but the only thing I found that was worth buying were her fairy wings from Value Village. I went to Micheal’s and the dollar store to hunt for the rest of the supplies. I ended up returning everything to Micheal’s so I didn’t need to remortgage the house (holy, that place can rob you without a gun. One of the items came up and I was like, “No, I only needed one” because I thought it had been scanned twice…. nope. It was just panic-attack-priced, scanned once). All of the costume I made myself. I even bought some little dollar store jelly sandals and hot glued fabric leaves to them. The autumn crown Raine is wearing was a table garland!

I don’t want to say Raine is a difficult child, but Raine is a difficult child. She’s not interested in, or motivated by, ¬†bribes, encouragement or threats. This makes it really,¬†really, hard to get what you want out of her. I want to encourage you… even if your child is being difficult, keep shooting. Her sassy pants attitude is evident in these photos, but she rocks it. Keep working on nailing your focus, white balance and framing and let the rest take care of its self!

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