Simon & Alison [Wedding]


Simon and Alison got married September 3rd 2011 at the Log House Guest Ranch on Tabor Lake near Prince George.

I just loved photographing their wedding. There is some beautiful scenery out there, so the formal photos that we took were a breeze. Since it’s a guest ranch, we ended up getting a few gag photos with some random people in the background. If you know Simon and Alison, you’d know they thoroughly enjoyed those pictures for the laugh factor alone!

The ceremony was outside in sun and shade which made it hard to get some absolutely stellar shots, but I think Tyler and I did a pretty decent job. The main problem ended up being the reception. The Log House is pretty old and has very minimal lighting inside. Since Tyler and I had scouted the location a few days earlier, we knew the reception would be a pretty big problem. So, we decided to bring along the big guns: 3 continuous lighting soft boxes, and three AC powered strobes that are set to go off whenever we take a picture with our camera. This added some decent fill light to the room and some really fun accent lighting for during the dance.

Below are just a few photos from the day: