Greg and Melissa [Wedding]


Greg and Melissa got married on July 7th, 2012 and we had the honor of photographing their wedding. It was quite traditional in one sense, but very non-traditional in another; they had a worship service built into their ceremony for one! We had so much fun taking pictures!


20120707-IMG_2686 20120707-IMG_2693 20120707-IMG_2721 20120707-IMG_2745 20120707-IMG_2791

After the ceremony at College Heights Baptist Church we walked down the street to Moriarty Park and took some family pictures20120707-IMG_2835 20120707-IMG_2843 20120707-IMG_2848 20120707-IMG_2858 20120707-IMG_2912 20120707-IMG_2942

Then it was off to Ginter’s Field! We didn’t have much time to take pictures before the reception but we were happy with the pictures we got. It’s easy when everyone is so photogenic!20120707-IMG_2974 20120707-IMG_3062 20120707-IMG_3079 20120707-IMG_3124 20120707-IMG_3152 20120707-IMG_3164 20120707-IMG_3182 20120707-IMG_3232

Finally, at the end of the fairy tale day, Greg and Melissa lived happily ever after!