Allan L Johnson Financial Group

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We recently did a photo shoot for Allan L. Johnson Financial Group. Man, did we have a good time!

We really wanted to capture the personality of each person in the office, but still portray a sense of team and unity, so we did several things different than we usually do. First, we requested that everyone come dressed in black and/or white. Surprisingly, everyone showed up in a suit!! (And Sherry sported a darling polka dot blouse that was every bit as fun as she is) Secondly, we took each person’s picture separately; then we re-configured the picture in Adobe Photoshop so everyone got to put their best face forward, so-to-speak.

The Team

We also had a lot of fun taking the individual portraits. Most people are really nervous having their photos taken and sometimes it takes quite a bit of joking around to get a good laugh out of a client. Although most of the office was pretty nervous, they laughed and smiled for us without much trouble.

Andrew Johnson Anita Johnson Allan JohnsonCorinne Sherri Andrew Seabrook

We strongly recommend to our clients going forward that having a planned wardrobe for their photo shoots make the photos come out looking much more professional.