Parents, if you’d like to take amazing pictures of your kids and family without having to buy expensive lenses, you’ll want to take this course!

DSLR Photography for Parents

DSLR Photography for Parents

Introducing, DSLR Photography for Parents; a course that will teach you all the techniques we use to get great photos of our kids and family.

Taking great photos doesn’t have to be hard, and you don’t need to know all the technical details. AND, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to buy expensive lenses to get the photos you want.

Taking great photos of your family is SO important because you’ll never get a chance to capture that moment again. We love taking photos of our kids to preserve the memory for the rest of our lives.

We developed this course to help all parents take better photos and get the most out of their DSLR (even if they don’t own one yet).

What’s in the course?

  • THE Shooting Mode to Use

    The one shooting mode we use 90% of the time that deals with 90% of the situations we’re in.

  • What is Aperture?

    Why you want to know what aperture is in order to get great photos of your kids and family.

  • Blurring Out The Background

    Lens blur and Depth of Field and how we can take advantage of them to blur out the background.

  • Focus Points and Focus Modes

    Getting your shots in focus is EXTREMELY important. We’ll go through the techniques we use to get shots in focus!

  • Why is the ISO setting so important?

    Having the proper ISO setting can be the difference between you getting the shot or not, so we don’t leave this setting on AUTO.

  • Exposure Compensation

    We use this all the time to get the camera to do what we want it to do. A LOT of the time, the camera doesn’t make the best decisions.

  • White Balance

    Have you ever looked at your photos and wondered why someones skin looks weird? Ya, that’s because the camera white balance is wrong. And choosing the correct white balance can make your photos even better!

  • How we setup our camera every time we shoot

    Once you understand the concepts from the rest of the modules, you’ll be able to quickly setup your camera to take amazing photos. This is our simple process to get to that point.

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DSLR Photography for Parents

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What our beta testers are saying

We ran an intimate in-person workshop for 4 moms in our city to go over the course material and give them the tools they needed to go home and take photos of their kids. The feedback we got was amazing, and the photos that they were able to get after taking our course were WAY better than what they were getting before. Here are a few samples.

“Had 10 mins while making dinner. I haven’t taken photos this effortlessly ever! Usually I take 150 photos and have 2 that work. I took 10 tonight and these were my favourite ” ~ Lizzie L.
Ashley had never used a DSLR before our course. She took this picture the following weekend after going through our workshop. It’s so awesome to see results like this right after she took our workshop.

Andrew Johnson

Who are we?

We are The BIG Picture and we’ve been taking pictures since 2000. More specifically, we’ve been taking pictures of kids exclusively since 2013. We take cute photos of kids and LOVE doing it.

Joelle Johnson

How long does it take to go through the course?

It typically takes about 2 weeks to go through the course if you stop after each lesson and go practice.

Each lesson is designed to teach you what you need to know (and not spend very much time on things that you don’t need to know) so that you can get to taking pictures!

We are focused on teaching you what you need to know to get out there and start getting good pictures.

Payment Plan
DSLR Photography for Parents

Get the full course for 3 payments of $67.

Enrol for 3 payments of $67

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DSLR Photography for Parents

Get immediate access to the full online course.

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[Bonus #1] Holding your camera steady to get sharper images

These are our best tips for holding your camera steady. When you are in a dark room, sometimes the difference between a sharp image and a blurry image is just the way that you are holding your camera. Let us put our 8+ years of wedding reception photography experience to work for you!

[Bonus #2] Gear to make carrying your DSLR easier

The best camera is the one that’s with you. If you don’t bring your DSLR with you, you won’t be able to use it! So, we’ve put together some hacks, tips, and tricks to make it easier to bring the big camera with you.

[Bonus #3] Using your camera in manual mode

10% of the time we use the camera in manual mode to get exactly what we want and get consistent results. Manual mode works amazing for school concerts, and we’ll go through exactly how to use it for situations like that and many more.

[Bonus #4] Getting kids to do what you want

It’s not easy herding kids and getting them to do what you want! We’ve developed a set of strategies that help you to get kids to do what you want, or at least warm them up to the idea. Believe us, our kids are definitely a challenge…so if we can do it with them, you can do it with your kids.

[Bonus #5] A guide to lenses

At one point in time, your kit lens that comes with your DSLR might get a bit boring to use and you might want to venture out and get something else. Maybe you’ll take an interest in landscape photos, or night photography? Our lens guide will help you make a great choice for a lens and not spend money on a lens that you might only use a few times a year.

[Bonus #6] Lightroom Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (a special version of Photoshop) is one of those software programs that you get that you start using and then never know how you made it through life without! Our Lightroom tutorials will show you how to use Lightroom specifically for your family photos. How to organize them, how to retouch them, and how find them easily. Our whole workflow for using Lightroom is centered around spending the least amount of time doing the organizing…and the most amount of time enjoying your photos (and showing them off). A must-have for even camera phone photographers.

NOTE: These bonuses are not complete yet, but are included in the purchase of this course. You will gain access to these bonuses as they are completed.

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