The BIG Picture

The Ultimate Photobooth Guide

A start to finish guide to setting up a DIY Photobooth

Free Photobooth Guide

If you have a wedding coming up and you'd like to have a photobooth at the reception, download this guide and get started!

This guide will make it easy for you to setup your own photobooth at your next wedding or event. Most of what you need you can borrow from friends, so there's almost no cost to setting up a photobooth where you can get awesome results.

Here is what you'll learn:

  1. Lighting Setup
  2. Props
  3. Camera Setup
  4. Choosing a background
  5. Putting it all together - the finer points of getting everything setup

This is literally the exact setup I use to get amazing, fun, and unique photobooth pictures at weddings

Free Photobooth Guide

5 steps to setting up a bad ass photo booth.