Custom White Balance Training

Instructions for Nikon folks:

  1. Set the camera to the P, S, A, or M exposure mode.
    If the exposure meter reports that the image will be under- or overexposed at the current exposure settings, make the necessary adjustments now. Otherwise, the camera can’t create your preset.
  2. Turn your focus off and frame your shot so that the piece of paper fills the viewfinder.
    You must use the viewfinder to take the reference shot; you can’t create a preset in Live View mode. Don’t take a picture yet.

  3. From the Shooting menu, select White Balance, press OK, and select the PRE Preset Manual White Balance setting.
  4. Press the Multi Selector right, select Measure, and press OK.
    A warning appears, asking you whether you want to overwrite existing data.
  5. Select Yes and press OK.
    You see a message telling you to take your picture. You have about 6 seconds to do so. (The letters PRE flash in the viewfinder and Information display to let you know the camera is ready to record your white balance reference image.)
  6. Take the reference shot.
    If the camera is successful at recording the white balance data, the letters Gd flash in the viewfinder and the message “Data Acquired” appears in the Information display. If the camera can’t set the custom white balance, you instead see the message No Gd in the viewfinder, and a message in the Information display urges you to try again. Try adjusting the lighting before doing so.

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